foods that can ruin your sex life

Foods That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

What you eat affects your health in more ways than one. Everything from your skin to your heart health can be directly related to the food you put into your body, which makes it important to pay attention to what exactly you’re eating and drinking every day. Certain foods, however, are particularly bad for your sex life, making it vital that you avoid them as much as possible if you want to have an active and healthy sex life. The next time before you have sex, keep avoiding these bad foods that can ruin your sex life, to make sure that both you and your partner have the best experience possible.

Sugary foods

This may sound odd, but a high-carbohydrate diet can impair performance. (Who wants to have sex on an empty stomach?) Refined sugar triggers blood sugar spikes and crashes. If you’re constantly experiencing fluctuating energy levels due to insulin responses. It’s going to be hard to get excited—or even stay awake—during sex. Try limiting your carb intake in favor of whole grains and lean proteins for more consistent energy levels. Eat small meals throughout the day instead of a few large ones so that your body has time to digest foods without triggering sudden cravings for more.


Carbs are one of those foods that we love to hate. Everyone knows they’re unhealthy, but many people use them in excess anyway. Avoiding foods such as bread, pasta and potatoes will help you cut back on carbs while not compromising your sex life. These starchy foods may sound harmless, but they can cause blood sugar spikes that have you reaching for an energy drink at 2 p.m., or leave you exhausted and irritable by bedtime—neither of which is conducive to a good time in bed. If these foods make up a significant portion of your diet, it might be time to switch out your normal snack for a healthier choice, like fruit.


While having a drink or two can help you relax, consuming alcohol before sex is not advisable. Alcohol may lower your inhibitions and make you feel more relaxed, but it can also negatively affect your sexual performance. In fact, studies have shown that drinking

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even small amounts of alcohol before sex can reduce sexual stamina and sexual arousal in both men and women. If you want to ensure that sex is as good as possible for both you and your partner, avoid alcohol completely. At least half an hour prior to engaging in intercourse (and ideally several hours).


Too much coffee can cause you to feel anxious, jittery, and unable to relax—which is not exactly a turn-on. Studies have shown that caffeine can delay orgasm by up to 30 minutes, which means it’s essential to get your fix before you get busy. To avoid disrupting your bedroom activities, try limiting your intake of caffeinated drinks at least two hours before getting intimate.

Sugar substitutes

Although sugar substitutes like stevia and aspartame have come under fire for their potential impact on your health. There’s one undeniable truth about them: they kill your sex drive. Studies have shown that artificial sweeteners alter insulin levels and lead to glucose intolerance. These effects can bring about long-term sexual problems including low libido, erectile dysfunction, and vaginal dryness in women. What’s more, they’re typically mixed with other chemicals (like acesulfame potassium) that can actually produce an erotic stimulant that makes you feel turned off during sex.

So, try to avoid these bad foods that can ruin your sex life

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